What are our Soccer School classes Like?

A player that is just starting out needs to immediately experience the fun aspect of the game. Therefore, Our Soccer School focuses on teaching the fundamentals in a fun based play environment that involves engaging their imagination by telling stories. They will have lots of touches of the football with our ball mastery basics on a weekly basis which includes 1 ball per child. 4-5 year olds are naturally selfish with the ball so we encourage dribbling techniques which they can develop with out pressure and then we effectively turn those techniques into skills during fun little competitive games which will become a powerful attribute for them to use and gain confidence on the pitch.


How will your child benefit?

Our goal is to support their development into their first junior football team. When they leave us they should be able to:

1) Control the ball with both feet

2) Control the ball with the Sole of the Foot

3) Move Left & Right with the ball

4) Move forward with the ball and stop

5) Use turns & tricks

6) Protect the ball

7) Shoot

We create a fun and challenging environment where players have the opportunity learn and grow. By the time our Little Legends leave us they will be well prepared for the day they cross the white line for the first time.

Who are our Soccer School classes for?

Our Soccer School is targeted to players Age 4-5 (Reception).